FloristWare Version History

We're lucky to have lots of great florist clients with lots of great ideas. Implementing these changes and suggestions is what makes FloristWare great. 

Regular improvements and updates to FloristWare - most suggested by florists just like you - have helped it remain the most popular independent POS system for flower shops since it was first introduced almost ten years ago.

Information on many of these enhancements are presented here to illustrate how FloristWare has developed in response to the needs and requests of retail florists and also provide a sense of our commitment to addressing the needs of our clients.

Version 4.0

One of the biggest releases in FloristWare history with more than forty new features/enhancements to help retail florists.

Version 3.2

A special emphasis on Accounts Receivable tools that help retail florists by making billing easier and payment faster.

Version 3.1

Focussed on bringing features of special interest to "power" users - the kind that takes full advantage of FloristWare and is always looking for more.

Version 3.0

A major upgrade making FloristWare the first floral POS system to offer send/receive capability with the incredibly popular FSN order transmission service.

Version 2.7

Fourteen new enchancements including five new reports requested by our users. It's always a pleasure to deliver the improvements clients have asked for.

Version 2.6

Another major update to the most popular independent POS system for retail florists brings almost thirty exciting new features.

Version 2.5

A major update to the FloristWare POS/CRM system brings almost sixty new features and enhancements.

Version 2.0

This major upgrade introduces full send/receive through BloomNet and a number of other features related to order relay, marketing, ease of use and more.

Version 1.9

The most powerful and easy-to-use POS system for retail florists gets even more powerful and even simpler to use.

Version 1.8

The FloristWare POS system for florists gets even better with integrated credit card processing, enhanced AR tools and better marketing features.

Version 1.7

FloristWare 1.7 includes a number of new features like an expanded points programs and receipts by fax or email that help florists serve customers better.

Version 1.6

New features that touch on many different aspects of FloristWare - everything from customization to marketing, delivery notifications and more.

Version 1.5

Version 1.5 was - after the release of many smaller updates - the first major update of FloristWare and included many new features and improvements.