Pricing & Commitment

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about FloristWare pricing, and also contracts/commitments (hint - there are none).

FloristWare was the first system to offer the pay-as-you-go subscription plan and introduce a truly simple and transparent pricing model.

The cost of FloristWare depends on the number of stations and payment plan. The monthly subscription plan starts at $100 per month for one station. Additional stations are heavily discounted. The annual plan offers additional savings.

For more pricing informaton please visit our Features & Versions section.

No - there are no additional ongoing costs associated with FloristWare.

What do we mean by additional ongoing costs? POS vendors have traditionally referenced only the cost of the POS during the sale process and then introduced additional fees for things like support, access, maintenance, upgrades, etc. when the contract is being signed.

We do not do that. The stated amount is all you will ever be charged. You will not see any additional line items creep onto your statement.

POS systems for florists have traditionally involed large up-front fees. There are no such fees associated with FloristWare.

There is a one-time charge of $250 for monthly subscribers that want the option of having us import their customer lists. This charge is waived for sunscribers on the annual plan.

No! FloristWare does not involve any hidden fees.

What do we mean by hidden fees? 

The most common hidden fee involves credit card processing. The vast majority of POS vendors force you to use one particular merchant services provider of their choosing. That merchant charges a higher rate and gives a residual back to the POS provider.

It's "hidden" because the client generally doesn't recognize it as a cost of using that POS system but it most definitely is. And it is significant - as the will see when they realize they could be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in processing every month but can't change. This hidden charge can often surpass the entire quoted cost of the POS system!

Another hidden charge is wire service membership. If using a particular POS system requires you to be a member of a particular wire service the cost of that membership needs to be considered a cost of using the POS. If you decide you want to leave that wire service you are going to have to keep paying that membership fee in order to use the POS.

Computer hardware is another one. There was a time when hardware was difficult to find and POS vendors were providing value providing it. Good hardware is now readily available, very cheap and there is very little good reason for a POS vendor to be reselling it unless they are tacking on a big markup.

Again - there are no hidden fees with FloristWare.

No! There are no contracts or commitments with FloristWare. You can cancel at any time.

Seriously! You don't have to send a registered letter. You don't even have to tell us. You have full control over your account and can turn off the payments at any time.

There are no update fees for any FloristWare subscriber. Your subscription gets you access to the most current version at all times.

The majority of our users prefer the annual payment plan. It offers significant savings (20%) and some additional bonuses as well.

At less then $3 a day FloristWare really is a great deal. You have seen how it will save you that much and more every day. The increased sales are a bonus!

Think about it. To pay for itself, FloristWare has to save you just $3 a day. If you pay most of your staff $6 an hour, FloristWare only has to save thirty minutes a day to pay for itself.

Of course some employees make more than that - maybe your manager and bookkeeper make as much as $12 an hour. Here FloristWare only has to save fifteen minutes a day. 

As for you, how much is your time worth? FloristWare will free it up. Whether you choose to spend it on the golf course or building your business, isn’t your time worth $3 a day?

But FloristWare isn’t just about saving money. It also increases sales. Since FloristWare is already paying for itself with the money it saves, the increased sales are a bonus!

You are losing money by not using FloristWare!

It depends on the payment plan selected but it all starts with a phone call to our billing department and a credit card.

FloristWare clients that choose the annual plan get billed for the entire year (and save 20% in the process). Each year we'll call and ask them if they want to renew. If, and only if, they say they do want to continue we process payment for that year.

Clients on the monthly plan are automatically billed each month. The credit card on file is billed unless they tell us that they wish to cancel, at which point all payments will cease.

We can also accept payment by check, ACH wire transfer, etc. but the vast majority of our clients prefer to pay by credit card.


For florists that may have found it difficult (sometimes almost impossible) to resign from a wire service or get out of a POS contract may find it hard to believe but yes - you can quit using FloristWare and stop making payments at any time.

You don't have to buy out your contract or send a registered letter - you don't even have to tell us! You have complete access to a kill switch at all times. And we never have access to your credit card information so we can't continue to charge you - it is all done by an independent third party.

Our entire system is built with your comfort and protection in mind.

We also offer an outright purchase plan. You pay once and own FloristWare forever. There are no ongoing fees or charges of any kind and you receive support and upgrades for three years. Please contact us for more information.

Some systems include hardware. Should you consider that when comparing the price?

Yes! You should take a really hard look at what is being offered. A quote that includes three computers, monitors, printers, etc. looks impressive but the equipment is usually outdated and almost worthless. Have someone who knows computers price the equipment being specified. FloristWare will probably run on the hardware you already have. If you want or need new hardware you can buy it more cheaply yourself and we’ll be happy to help.

In either case you start by using FloristWare free of charge. This is the best way for you to get a real understanding of the system and what it has to offer. If you decide you would like to continue, you choose one of the options shown above. See how much we believe in our product?

When you are ready to proceed please visit our subscriptions page to complete your secure payment.

• There are no service fees, system access fees, support fees, etc.

• There are no contracts or commitments.

• There are no separate modules or add-ons. You get the complete FloristWare system for one low price.

• FloristWare does not require you to buy any forms, cards or other hard goods from us. If you want FloristWare to print Enclosure Cards/Delivery Slips we’ll supply the specs to your local printer free of charge.

• FloristWare does not sell hardware but we will help you find the lowest possible prices.


Don't see your question/answer here? Please call our sales department at 1.888.531.3012 x2.