Website Compatibility

Answers to questions about how FloristWare integrates with the best ecommerce websites available to florists.

Florists who have or are considering their own ecommerce websites (a website where a customer can actually enter payment information and place an order online) often ask about our ability to interface with those websites.

FloristWare does not include a website but it does include the ability to integrate with the best florist websites available at no additional charge.

Over the past few years the trend has been for technology vendors to increase revenue by expanding their product lines. For POS vendors this meant releasing mediocre websites to squeeze more money from their POS clients.

We don't do that at FloristWare. We want our clients to have access to the very best tools so instead of releasing a watered down website of our own we partnered with the very best proven providers of florist specific websites. We spent a significant amount of time and money so that you don't have to - FloristWare offers turn-key integration with the best floral websites.

We also went one step further. Some florists have fully custom websites they love so we developed an integration standard that allows those websites to get order information into FloristWare. It takes some work, but it allows custom websites to have full integration.

As always the goal is to give our clients freedom and control to choose the best and most affordable components and make it all work behind the scenes.

Website integration means that the website can "talk" to the POS - specifically actually put web order information right into the POS so that you don't have to key it in again yourself.

Rather than try and maximize our revenue by introducing another ecommerce website for florists we have chosen to integrate with the products from the best vendors out there. It's in your best interests.

Flower Shop Network

Many of our clients are members of Flower Shop Network and, in addition to their order transmission service also use their excellent ecommerce websites for florists. Orders placed on FSN websites simply flow into FloristWare like any other order you would receive through Flower Shop Network.


Strider Florist 2.0

Created by Ryan Freeman - a reknowned expert and sought after speaker on search engine optimization for florists (that means getting more people to visit your website!) - the Strider Florist 2.0 website is very popular and profitable. Orders placed on these websites come straight into FloristWare.


Epic Websites

EpicFlowers offers high-quality websites with no contract or commitment.


BloomNet Florist Websites

Many BloomNet members choose to go with a BloomNet website. Orders placed on these websites flow directly into FloristWare.


Yes. Early on we developed a standardized integration model that we have refined over the years. It allows for a custom website to connect to FloristWare and push order information right into the POS.

It will involve some work from your website provider but we have excellent documentation to help them. The costs will vary - please contact us for more information.

It depends. The point of integration is to have the website enter web order details directly into the POS system so you don't have to do it manually. That means the importance of integration really depends on how many orders come from your website.

In most cases the vast majority of orders in general and sales volume in particular are entered through the POS rather than the website. That makes having a dedicated POS system that was designed from the ground up to be a POS system for florists the most important consideration.

A website is also a vital part of your overall marketing strategy and you do need to get one but you should not let it dictate your POS decision.

If you don't yet have a website you should look at the vendors providing excellent integrated websites listed above - this gets you an integrated website at the lowest possible cost.

Integrating a custom website is usually more expensive so we usually suggest letting the volume make the decision. If your custom website generates one or two orders a day integration may not be worth the effort. If it generates 5+ orders a day then it probably is.

No. You need a dedicated POS system and website and hopefully they can integrate with each other. This is what FloristWare provides though our partnerships with established website vendors and our open integration policy.

Depsite what people selling POS/website hybrids might tell you these are completely different tools with very different functions. Some of the combination systems may offer passable websites but the POS functionality is incredibly limited. Don't sell yourself short.

No. Although it is relatively easy to create and release a mediocre florist website product it is incredibly difficult to offer a good one. There are many different florist websites on the market but only a few of them are truly excellent.

We integrate with those websites and that is where we will continue to focus: on the tightest possible integration with the best possible websites.


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