FloristWare & Flower Shop Network: Full FSN Integration

Full send, receive & website integration with the Flower Shop Network order transmission service makes FloristWare POS a great fit for FSN members.

With full send/receive order relay and website compatibility FloristWare and Flower Shop Network work very well together!

If you are a Flower Shop Network member FloristWare is perfect for you. FloristWare was the first floral POS system to be fully integrated with the florist-friendly FSN order transmission service. FSN is a favorite of FloristWare users and FloristWare is a favorite of FSN members.

FloristWare makes is faster and easier to send and recieve Flower Shop Network orders than you ever imagined. On the sending side there is no more double entry - you just enter the order into FloristWare and click to send. You don't have to enter it in to the FSN f2f portal.

Receiving orders from other FSN members or your FSN website is even easier - FloristWare brings the orders in, prints the worksheet/enclosure card and you are ready to go.

And orders placed on your Flower Shop Network website? They flow right into FloristWare, just like incoming wire orders.


  • We are very impressed with the FloristWare point of sale system. Mark and the staff at FloristWare provide a straight forward, easy to use point of sale to manage a retail flower shop at an affordable price. Their customer service and responsiveness meet the highest of standards.
    – Loranne Atwill
    VP Operations/Owner | Flower Shop Network, Inc.
  • We couldn't be happier with the ease and convenience that Floristware provides with wiring out our floral order through Flower Shop Network. We've always enjoyed working with both of them, but now that they interface, it's made our life so much easier. The transaction is now just a one step effort, and was very simple for all the staff to master.
    – Ray German
    Owner, Taylor Made Florals | New Hampshire
  • It is great sending through Flower Shop Network. With 1 Click and it is done!!!! Could not be easier! Thanks so much for your great program! I could not imagine not using Floristware… I would recommend it to anyone!!!!! Thanks Again!
    – Ricky Mapes
    Owner, Tylertown Florist | Tylertown Mississipi